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At Marina Bay Yachting Center, we pride ourselves on being the premier luxury marina in Fort Lauderdale. As a marina near Ft. Lauderdale airport, we get a lot of visitors that are excited to go out and see the natural wildlife that exists in South Florida. But any top marinas Florida would be remiss if they didn’t remind you of the importance of manatee safety as these signature sea cows wrap up their South Florida season.

Manatee Season runs annually from November through April, so even though you may not see as many manatees now, you still need to help protect them as they finish out there season here. As you leave our 168-slip dockage in Ft. Lauderdale, please help protect manatees by following these guidelines:

– Look and listen for manatees before starting your engines.
– Wear polarized glasses to better spot manatees.
– Watch for their nose, back or tail emerging from the water.
– Look for a swirl or circular pattern on the surface – this indicates a manatee is just underneath, or swimming nearby.
– Comply with posted speed zones.
– Properly dispose of fishing line and garbage – never throw it in the water.
– Do not feed or give water to the manatees.

Call 888-404-3922 to report any accidental collisions, injuries, or orphaned or dead manatees.

Thank you for helping us work together to make Marina Bay Yacht Harbor the best for manatees, and for Fort Lauderdale dockage.